Prtty Peaushun’s Bethany Karlyn talks beauty products and how to get Tracy Anderson’s glow

Glowing, gorgeous skin is not just for the face anymore – it’s for your entire body. Just ask Bethany Karlyn, creator of Prtty Peaushun and Celebrity Makeup artist. By creating a natural based body lotion that helps conceal minor imperfections, hydrates and tightens the skin, Bethany has changed the body bronzing game. We sat down with her to talk about the beauty products she’s currently obsessing over, her dream vacation destination and an expert tip on how she creates that gorgeous glow on her super fit client, Tracy Anderson.

What are your top fave beauty products?
beautyblender® and bodyblender™ and Prtty Peaushun, of course! My go-to lip balm is a big stick of Palmers Cocoa Butter that doubles as a balm for other areas like cuticles and elbows. I also love the natural line RMS Beauty and favor their “un” cover up and eye polish in Lunar, Magnetic, Seduce, Myth. Ilia Beauty is another favorite natural line. I use their Lipstick in Humble Me, Lipstick Crayon in Come Undone, Multi Stick in I Put A Spell On You and At Last and Mascara in Shadow Of A Doubt.

What current fashion trends or items are you obsessing over right now?
Palazzos and flats…with patience, fashion finally has come around to my way of thinking…comfort first, yeah! At least for this season…!

Do you have a summer vacation planned and if so where?
Yes, Alaska!

Where would your dream vacation spot be and why? What do you ALWAYS take with you when you travel?
I’m dying to go to Iceland and New Zealand. I understand that they are both incredibly beautiful with magnificent thermal pools and hot springs in surreal landscapes. I always travel with a stack of books loaded into my ipad mini and a well-researched list of where to eat. I try to keep beauty supplies to a minimum but always travel with my diffuser “mitten” to attach to the hotel hairdryer so my curls don’t fail while traveling.

One of your clients, the amazingly fit Tracy Anderson always looks great. If you have used bodyblender on her, can you give us some tips on how you use it with Prtty Peaushun to create the glow on her skin? 
Tracy’s body is amazing and she loves how Prtty Peaushun highlights and defines her musculature and enhances her tanned skintone.

I use a damp bodyblender™ to apply a thin even coat over the whole body and then I apply a second coat to the high points like the décolletage, the shoulders, down the center of the arm and center of the leg, as well as the abs. The sponge keeps my hands free of product while depositing the perfect amount and blending seamlessly.