guest Blogger: Marianna Hewitt

Holy Grail: My Must Have Makeup Item

Over the years, I have changed just about everything in my makeup kit. I’m always testing out a new foundation, the latest trendy concealer or a new lipstick but for YEARS there has been one staple that I can’t live without and that is my beautyblender.

On my youtube channel, you can see I use it so many ways and in just about every video. Since my very first video in 2012 to my latest videos it has remained the one thing I cannot live without.

If you can’t tell that I’m genuinely obsessed, I even shared with Allure that this sponge will change your life.

Since I literally can’t do my makeup without my beautyblender, I get soooo excited every time they release a new product so when the launched, I was dying to try it.

It looks like the cutest little sponge you have ever seen and it expands just like the original and the pro. I’ve been using the tiny green sponge to blend concealer. The tiny size makes it so easy to tap and blend in the smallest creases of your face.

If you haven’t invested in this holy grail item, head to my youtube channel and click the links above to see the various way I use them…you will thank me when your foundation looks more flawless than ever!!!

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